XMedia 2012: Pitching @ The Lab

XMediaLab Perth 2012 aims to explore how new digital technology impacts and enables storytelling. After a hugely interesting conference day, “What’s Your Story?“, this weekend sees 16 teams pitch digital projects to a group of international mentors for advice, development and the potential of two $20,000 XML development awards. 

The projects being pitched at the XMedia Lab this weekend include: an animated character world and web-series for teens; a virtual tour of a cancer-care facility in development; an app to facilitate work from intellectually disabled artists; an AR storytelling experience to promote sustainable living; a multiplatform real-time polling app; a location-specific social history project; a participatory multiplatform play; a TV and online project on parenting; an education-by-stealth avatar-based community to engage young people with the arts; a crowd-funded hip-hop cancer awareness documentary and community; and an online mafia fiction story.

I’m here with a team from FORM pitching One Road: a content-rich digital journey and archive repatriation project to extend the reach and impact of the remarkable, award-winning Canning Stock Route project and Yiwarra Kuju exhibition. The teams now have one-to-one sessions with the international mentors, who then vote on the two XML Perth Development Awards, one from Screenwest and the other from DCA.

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