BBC iPlayer: future of TV via online access

The BBC has reported usage figures for its web-TV on-demand iPlayer system in 2012, and they are rather startling: 2.32 billion TV and radio programme requests, and 36.5 billion minutes of BBC content accessed in a record-breaking year.  

BBC-iplayerThese figures equates to 70,000 years’ worth of material, making iPlayer a major contender even compared to efforts by Amazon and Netflix. Dramatic year-on-year growth was driven partly by the Olympic year but also from mobile devices, with mobile access now accounting for more than 25% of all iPlayer use.  Since the BBC enabled program downloading onto iPads and iPhone there have been nearly 11 million downloads. Other interesting stats for iPlayer in 2012:

  • a +177% increase of requests from mobiles and tablets – making up over a quarter of total iPlayer requests
  • nearly 14m downloads of the iPlayer mobile app
  • 10.8m programmes downloaded to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, following the launch of mobile downloads in September 2012
  • requests from PCs comprised less than half of all total iPlayer requests (47% in December 2012)
  • new feature allowing viewers to rewind & restart live TV – used by up to 30% of those watching live TV online

Daniel Danker, General Manager, BBC Programmes and On-Demand, said: “2012 was a ground-breaking year for BBC iPlayer with a record 2.32 billion requests for programmes across over 650 platforms. Last year, the use of iPlayer shifted from PCs and early adopter devices like game consoles to screens used by all audiences. Mobile, tablet, and connected TV skyrocketed, with a particular emphasis on audiences taking iPlayer on the go. This year, we’re looking forward to turning iPlayer into an entertainment destination, with a relentless focus on making iPlayer as easy and enjoyable as television.”  More here.

Update:  BBC announces iPlayer tablet viewing has doubled over January/February 2013 to 40m viewing requests.

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