SXSW Interactive 2013: Highlights

1.-Airbnb-Image-Coyrtesy-AmazonawsSXSW Inspiration – Airbnb: CEO Brian Chesky talking candidly about the challenges of growing and scaling a truly disruptive business model…

UnknownSXSW Inspiration – FourSquare: CEO Dennis Crowley on the challenges of growing the business and the opportunity to design the future of maps…

swissmissSXSW Inspiration – Swiss Miss: Designer Tina Roth Eisenberg on following your passions, and the 11 rules to live and work by…

ovee_logoSXSW Content – Social TV: how great technology and UX can engage audiences with online video as a social experience, using the case study of social video platform OVEE.

JerusalemSXSW Content – Exploring place in cross-platform storytelling: how technologies like geo-tagging, location-aware devices and augmented reality are combining with traditional storytelling…

BuzzFeed-logoSXSW Content – Viral content and social content advertising: BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti on how to create and distribute viral content in a world where ‘share’ is the key to success…

ouya-logoSXSW Games – OUYA: Julie Uhrman, CEO of OUYA, discussing kickstarting an open gaming ecosystem  and bringing a software system to the television…

IAP4082SXSW Mobile – Africa’s $100bn mobile market: an overview of the scale and pace of change of all things mobile as the primary, scalable, transactional route to impact and change.

aetnaSXSW Health -Aetna: an overview of the Aetna healthcare ecosystem to illustrate the opportunities for mHealth startups and investment.

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