The internet (and We Are Colony) has predicted the Oscars 2016 results

We Are Colony has analysed the social buzz surrounding the 88th Academy Awards to predict who will walk away with the industry’s most coveted gongs. And the results may surprise you…

Collating data from 90 days’ worth of social media monitoring across the globe, the results are formed from combining data on the number of mentions for each actor or film with the positive sentiment of those mentions. We then contrasted the public’s predictions against the experts, teaming up with Empire Magazine contributing editor (and filmmaker) Nev Pierce.

Some of the stand out predictions are:

  • 50% think The Revenant has shot at winning Best Picture (Nev is rooting for The Big Short)
  • However, director Alejandro G Iñárritu is considered least likely to take home Director, despite winning it at this year’s Golden Globes and Baftas
  • 80% are rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio to walk away with Best Actor, with only 1% thinking Bryan Cranston will take the title
  • 50% think Jennifer Lawrence will win Best Actress, despite the critics favourite being Brie Larson
  • And in the last year, positive sentiment around the Oscars has dropped by 5%




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