About me

I am the Founder and CEO of Colony: a global video streaming platform connecting content owners to passionate fans through an innovative end-to-end technology solution, data insights and curation. Colony is powered by proprietary technology platform Cortex which pushes the boundaries of video streaming globally, using state-of-the-art HTML5 video technology, adaptive bitrate streaming, plugin-free Hollywood-grade DRM and a ground-breaking isomorphic architecture for ASP.NET MVC. Colony tech was recently featured in new O’Reilly publication (August 2016) as a best-in-world example of isomorphic architecture, profiled alongside Bloomberg, Walmart Labs and Google’s Angular 2.

In 2016, Colony was recognised in the Everline Future 50, The British Small Business Awards, The Digital Entrepreneur Awards, The Screen Awards, TMT Media Awards, The Drum’s DADI Awards, The Drum Online Media Awards, First Women Awards and Startups 100 2016. The business was profiled in media ranging from The Times to Forbes to Harpers Bazaar. The Company is venture-backed by Archer Gray, Firestartr, The London Co-Investment Fund, Essex Innovation (GV Advisors) and Seedcamp.

From 2004-2010, I founded and ran Clarity Productions, specialising in factual programming from around the world, broadcast on UK and international television. From 2010-2012, I was Head of Content at Twig, an ed-tech and VOD platform, now sold in 75 countries and 15 languages. In 2012, I was made a Fellow of the International Creative Entrepreneurs Programme, based in Australia working on digital strategy for the Arts with FORM.  Later in 2012, I founded ZoneFutures: a digital products innovator backed by one of the UK’s leading digital agencies, Zone.

A filmmaker turned digital distribution specialist, I have produced film and television documentary and drama, including Oscar-nominated, BIFA-nominated and BAFTA-winning work. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of BAFTA and the British Screen Advisory Council, and was voted in the British Interactive Media Association ‘Hot 100’ 2014.

Follow me on twitter: @sarahtierney.  Connect on LinkedIn.

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