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BBC iPlayer: future of TV via online access

The BBC has reported usage figures for its web-TV on-demand iPlayer system in 2012, and they are rather startling: 2.32 billion TV and radio programme requests, and 36.5 billion minutes of BBC content accessed in a record-breaking year.   These figures equates to 70,000 years’ worth of material, making iPlayer a major contender even compared to efforts by ...


Twitter TV: the future of programme making?

From the two-screen habit to the twitter bomb, televisionification to crowd-sourced plots, the way we consume and make TV is changing…  The idiot box used to have our undivided attention.  Now it is an increasingly fragmented experience.  According to MediaCom, nearly 75% of us multi-task while watching TV:  42% are online, 29% are talking on ...


Making television an agent of change

Broadcast | Comment | 18 November, 2011 Social impact should be at the forefront of broadcasters’ ambitions, writes Sarah Tierney. Last weekend, my doc The Walking Wounded won the current affairs prize at the 2011 Bafta in Scotland Awards. It attempts to use television as an agent of change and, because of brave commissioning by ...