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BBC iPlayer: future of TV via online access

The BBC has reported usage figures for its web-TV on-demand iPlayer system in 2012, and they are rather startling: 2.32 billion TV and radio programme requests, and 36.5 billion minutes of BBC content accessed in a record-breaking year.   These figures equates to 70,000 years’ worth of material, making iPlayer a major contender even compared to efforts by ...


BBC reveals for-profit business plan for Project Barcelona

Today the BBC gives more insights into a for-profit business model for ‘iPlayer 2.0’ Project Barcelona, and reveals changes to the standard terms of trade to include DTO-rights. Back in March I wrote about the out-going BBC Director General Mark Thompson’s pledge to make “a dramatic leap forward in digital capability” with the launch of ...


Project Barcelona: what is the potential of iPlayer 2.0?

This week, speaking at the Royal Television Society, BBC Director-General Mark Thompson defined the Corporation’s recent successes and its future in an increasingly “digitally fragmented” world. The DG reflected on his eight year term: the highs (a renaissance for specialist factual and drama, and impressive growth in digital strategy and BBC Worldwide revenues); the lows ...